WiFi Free

Free Wifi? or Wifi Free!

Radiation from WiFi and wireless devicesPosted 22 Nov 2023

Are you are keen to disconnect from the Matrix or at the very least are concerned about the effects of non-ionising wireless radiation?

Right now its impossible t0 escape from the onslaught of radiation from mobile devices and the towers surrounding us. In our homes and workplaces however we can reduce our direct exposure to WiFi and wireless devices in going 'wired' or 'cabled'.

Becoming WiFi free means changing from using your Wifi router to broadcast wireless data throughout your home or workplace to using it as a safely cabled hub.

Once you are 'wired' you can connect your computers, mobile phones, tablets and other devices directly to the router through then use of an Ethernet Port Connector from Distributor.

There are several benefits for cabling your house or office for internet dependent devices:

  • Packet security