3kW Micro Off-Grid Solar System

3kW Battery System - From $8,500

This system includes batteries, solar panels and complete pre-wired equipment board ready for installation. The equipment can also be supplied loose. It can be enabled to add a generator.

It is very suitable for a location where for a 1 or 2 people require minimal power.

This system is ideal for a small shed, van, caravan, micro (very tiny) home.

It will supply power for typical requirements including lighting, phone / tablet / laptop charging, water pump, small fridge / freezer, battery pack charging, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, and other small appliances.

Please note that the descriptions, specifications and prices are for indicative purposes only - we will provide a customised estimate once we have evaluated your actual requirements and budget.

The standard 3kW system consists of:

  • 4 x 440W Solar panels
  • 1 x 48V 100Ah Lithium Iron Battery (4kWh)
  • Prefabricated Equipment Board
    • MPPT Inverter/Charger 48V
    • Inverter  3000W
    • Battery Monitor Shunt
    • PV and Battery Isolators
    • Bus Bars & Fuses
  • Solar Cable
  • MC Connectors  & Branches
  • Heavy duty battery Cables

Additional options include:

  • Weatherproof cabinet (for outdoor/exposed installation of board)
  • Higher capacity inverter (up to 5kW)
  • Additional monitoring software and apps
  • Additional batteries
  • Additional solar panels (may require a review of the system equipment)
  • Heavy duty electrical conduit if needed
  • Weatherproof (IP64) wall mounted Lithium Iron battery
  • Bluetooth AC / DC system monitoring hardware & app

Variation options that can make a difference to your budget include swapping out the lithium batteries for more conventional batteries such as AGM, gel or carbon deep cycle types.

We also offer:

Micro (3kW battery) from $8,500

Mini (5kW battery) from $10,500

Small (8kW battery) from $14.500

Medium (10kW battery) from $22,500

Large (15kW battery) from $33,500

Xtra Large (20kW battery) from $45,500