10kW Medium Off-Grid Solar System

10kW Battery System - From $22,500

This system includes batteries, solar panels and complete pre-wired equipment board ready for installation. It includes the ability to add a generator.

It is very suitable for a location where up to four people require power.

Its great for medium sized family tiny home living (up to 4 people), shed house living, container home, 2-3 bedroom house or multiple caravan cluster. It will supply power for all the typical requirements including lighting, ceiling fans, phone / tablet charging stations, water pumps, fridge / freezer, kitchen appliances, battery pack charging, computers, audio, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, small aircon, electric power tools and equipment and other appliances.

Please note that the descriptions, specifications and prices are for indicative purposes only - we will provide a customised estimate once we have evaluated your actual requirements and budget.

The standard 10kW battery system consists of:

  • 9 x 440W Solar panels
  • 2 x 48V 100Ah Lithium Iron Batteries (10kWh)
  • Prefabricated Equipment Board
    • MPPT Inverter/Charger¬† 48V/ 5000W
    • Battery Monitor Shunt
    • PV and Battery Isolators
    • Bus Bars & Fuses
  • Solar Cable
  • MC Connectors¬† & Branches
  • Heavy-duty battery Cables

Additional options include:

  • Weatherproof cabinet (for outdoor/exposed installation of board)
  • Higher capacity inverter (up to 10kW)
  • Additional monitoring software and apps
  • Additional batteries
  • Additional solar panels (may require a review of the system equipment)
  • Heavy-duty electrical conduit if needed
  • Weatherproof (IP64) wall mounted Lithium Iron batteries
  • Bluetooth AC / DC system monitoring hardware & app

    Variation options that can make a difference to your budget include swapping out the lithium batteries for more conventional batteries such as AGM, gel or carbon deep cycle types.

    We also offer:

    Micro (3kW battery) from $8,500

    Mini (5kW battery) from $10,500

    Small (8kW battery) from $14.500

    Medium (10kW battery) from $22,500

    Large (15kW battery) from $33,500

    Xtra Large (20kW battery) from $45,500