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Off Grid Solar System Advice + Consulting + Installation + Upgrades + Prefabrication in the Tin Can Bay area

  • Planning to go off-grid for electricity and need help?
  • Building a tiny house and want to be off-grid?
  • Do you want a 'plug and play' system to suit your needs?
  • Have you secured a place to park or build & want off-grid power?
  • Already off-grid and want to expand your capacity?
  • Want to DIY and need some help or advice?
  • Do you just have questions about off-grid living?

We can work to most budgets and needs. Going off-grid can be surprisingly affordable!

Please note that the descriptions, specifications and prices are for indicative purposes only - we will provide a customised estimate once we have evaluated your actual requirements and budget.

Hybrid Systems

A hybrid system that includes 2 inverters can be ideal especially if you spend a lot of time at home during the day or work from home. A system like this uses one inverter to draw and supply power directly from the sun while it's shining and another to charge the battery.

The advantage of a hybrid system is that it reduces the load on your battery during the day and extends it's life. As the sun goes down your battery will be fully charged and ready to supply your nighttime needs. In the morning when the sun comes up the cycle begins again and your battery starts to recharge again while you use the sun directly for your power.

We offer off-grid solar consulting + construction + custom system installation solutions in the Tin Can Bay area and pre-wired systems for shipping across Australia.

The pre-wired off grid solar systems are shipped to you as components ready for installation and connection. We can customise these systems to your needs. We provide full instructions for the correct assembly and commissioning of your system.

Prefabricated 'plug and play' off-grid solar systems

We can create a custom solar power system for you however we also pre-fabricate three complete off grid solar systems to suit most needs:

Micro (3kW battery) from $8,500

Mini (5kW battery) from $10,500

Small (8kW battery) from $14.500

Medium (10kW battery) from $22,500

Large (15kW battery) from $33,500

Xtra Large (20kW battery) from $45,500

Off Grid Solar System Electrical Control Board

The primary equipment including inverter and charger is assembled and fixed to an electrical board and shipped to you ready to be fastened to a wall and connected along with any other items needed including isolators, fuses, cable and connectors.

Off Grid Solar System Batteries

Batteries are most often shipped separately to you ready for connection. We supply the cables ready for this. If you are not comfortable dealing with electricity you can call a local electrician to safely assist you. Our battery systems are 48 volts so some some care is required. We do supply lithium iron (LiFe) batteries however we prefer and recommend other types of batteries that are safer and certainly more sustainable both socially and environmentally. Please ask us about this.

Off Grid Solar System PV Solar Panels

The solar panels are normally shipped directly to you from our nearest supplier. You may need an experienced roofer to be fix the panels correctly to the roof. We normally do not supply railings for the roof however these can be ordered as a separate item. If you have the space and prefer you can choose to have the panels a-framed and placed on the ground which you can do your self. You can also A-frame the panels on the roof. We will explain how this works and the advantages it offers.

Will you need an Electrician?

The systems are DC and designed to be installed and commissioned by the customer however some knowledge and care is needed. If you have any doubts in this regard you should consult a local electrician for assistance in installing and commissioning your system.

We can ship to anywhere in Australia.

Going Off Grid

If you want to go off-grid or already are and want to expand your capacity we can help. Living in the suburbs may not be an impediment to going off-grid - even if you already have a grid connected solar system.

Call Nick on 0452 535 002 to find out more

Maybe you have been traveling and now have a place to park and call your own, maybe you have bought a property and now want to develop your off-grid lifestyle, or maybe you are already off grid and want to expand or upgrade. We will work to most budgets and needs. You may be surprised at how affordable going off-grid can be and how much money you can save in electricity costs.

We can also assist builders and fabricators of tiny homes and off grid dwellings. For example if you have a client that needs to go completely off grid either by converting an existing system, expanding capacity or creating a hybrid system we can help. We are also very happy to be involved from the outset of a project to help integrate an off grid solar system into the build.

If you feel that you need some help to reduce your power consumption whether you are grid-connected or off-grid we can help by doing a survey  of your usage and offering solutions.

Off Grid Solar System Parts & Equipment Sales

If you need solar equipment items such as solar panels (new or used), electrical equipment or components such as inverters and chargers etc or batteries contact us - we are happy to source an sell individual items for off grid solar systems. Explore what we offer.

Whether you are starting from scratch, upgrading or replacing your solar installation it’s useful to get a picture of what your needs are beforehand.

Use our calculator to get a better idea of the size system you will need before contacting us.

Off Grid Living and Solar - Tin Can Bay

Only two per cent of Australia’s population live in off grid locations, however more than six per cent of Australia’s electricity use occurs in regional and remote areas so the demand for off grid power is growing..

The average consumption of household electricity in Australia is 17 kWh per day and can be as much as 40kWh per day. People that live with off- grid power generally use less energy - on average 10kWh per day. After the initial cost of off grid solar equipment and setup the long term benefit is very cheap electricity.

Demand for off grid energy on the coastal fringe and in the Gympie region has increased in recent years due to interest in renewable energy and in response to the growing incidence of power outages, the ever increasing cost of grid power and a desire by many to be independent of the grid completely.

Geo-engineering across Australia including the Tin Can Bay area has bought with it challenges to off grid solar in the form of increased daily cloud cover. The number of panels now required to supply power for charging batteries has increased by between 30 and 60%. To be clear - this mean the loss of viable sunlight - down by over one third to over half what it was previously.

Where say 12 solar panels may have been sufficient five to ten years ago, up to 24 solar may now needed to ensure the same supply - this is even taking into account the wattage (and efficiency) of panels increasing from around 350 watts to 440 watts plus now. At the same time the cost of solar panels has reduced keeping them affordable.

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Off Grid Solar Sunshine Coast provides off grid solar services on the Sunshine Coast and Gympie region including Glenwood.